Wooden Garage Door Replacement

Wooden garage doors are one of the most popular types of garage doors out there. They have maintained a degree of popularity for a number of different reasons. Wooden garage doors are one of the most affordable types of garage doors as well as one of the first types. These two things mean that even as they become a less attractive option and the prices of other garage doors drop, they will still take a while to die out and will most likely always have a niche. The look of the wooden garage door is now the standard for how most garage doors are supposed to look so in some way garage doors will most likely always be similar to a wooden garage door.

Choosing a garage door can be a tough choice if you aren’t too knowledgable about the pros and cons of different types of garage doors. Choosing a garage door to replace another garage door though gives you a bit of an easier job. If you are in need of a garage door repair or a replacement because of more than wear and tear the choice might be as easy as just getting the same exact garage door you already had. If you are in need of a garage door repair or replacement for something like wear and tear though and you don’t think your garage door has held up for as long as you would have hoped then choosing a garage door may be slightly tougher.

You’ll need to weigh your options, take a look at the garage doors on the market and most likely consult a garage door professional to give you an idea of what might work best for your garage and how you use it.

One of the most attractive qualities about a wooden garage door is the price. Wooden garage doors have one of the lowest starting points out there. Wooden garage doors can be produced relatively easily and have been made pretty well for many decades now so wooden garage doors even at the lowest price will do the job. They may not be fancy, or last the longest, but they will do the job pretty well and so if that is all you need you don’t have to look much further.

With the lower cost advantage comes the disadvantage that it is most likely not going to last as long as another type of garage door. Wood when cared for can last a good while, but it still is not likely to last longer than some metal garage doors. Wooden garage doors are also often quite heavy and over time can see things like rot or splintering if not cared for. Wooden garage doors require a bit of care in many regions and so this may not be for the type of person who likes things to be zero maintenance. You will most likely have to paint your garage door over its lifetime to ensure that these type of things don’t happen.

Superficially the wooden garage door is a great choice. Garage doors all hope to look like a wooden garage door so starting as one means it is going to be a perfect fit. Wooden garage doors also have the benefit of having a natural insulation effect. Wood is much better than metal for both noise and temperature insulation so if a slight insulation will help you and you are looking to cut costs then a wooden garage door may be perfect for you.