How does a suspension system in car work

How does a suspension system in car work?

The suspension system that is present in a vehicle is very much important. Not many of us who love cars have bothered to know about the role of a suspension system and its importance in a car. The worst case is people don’t even know that cars have a suspension system. The suspension that is present in a car is very much important. Only if you know about it, you will be able to take good care of your care. So here we are going to talk about the role of suspension in a car and how it works.

How does a suspension system in car work

Role of the suspension system:

So the first question is why do we need a suspension system in a car? The wheels in the car are attached to the engine that helps it to run. But if wheels are fixed to the corners of the car without being able to bounce up and down, you will find it very difficult to travel in tough road condition, and the car will easily topple as the wheels aren’t flexible enough to move freely and create a grip. This is why we need a suspension system.

As the name suggests the suspension system helps the wheels to suspend and move freely depending on the condition of the road. This is why we say that a suspension system is very much important to have a smooth driving experience.

How does it work?             

The suspension system in the car can work in two ways. It can either be built as an independent suspension system or a non-independent suspension system.

Non-independent suspension system:

In the non-independent suspension system, the suspension spring that is present above the wheels or the car are attached to each other. The spring system stays connected to a non-independent suspension system. A four-wheel axle is present in these types of vehicles, and the springs are attached to it to make a complete suspension system. The axle that is connected the wheels and the spring are expected to be as rigid as possible so that the wheels do not fall apart in the process of driving. It makes driving much more comfortable.

Independent suspension system:

In this type of suspension system, the four wheels aren’t connected to each other. The four wheels are independently connected to the suspension springs and function independently. Each wheel and it respective spring system is designed in such a way that they do not disturb the other functions of the car. Though they are fixed to be independent, they still are placed in such a way that they work in synchronization. This is independent suspension system.

Though both are employed in cars, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the place, the use and the type of the car the choice is made between the independent suspension system and non-independent suspension system.


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