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Project S10 Air Dancer

Project s10 Air Dancer has developed reputable air spring suspension products since our inception in 1949. Our original item, a rubber air spring inserted into a car factory’s coil spring, was made and patented in 1950. We have come a long way since 1949 and are proud to be a dedicated suspension specialist firm.

Air Spring

Air springs contain a column of air in an elastomeric bellow or sleeve to provide suspension, isolation, or actuation.

The cabin air spring is the first step to provide relaxation of the driver’s cab which is giving more comfort and safety to cabin drivers.


The producr range has reached 700 different types of lower parts for trucks and buses.

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Vinyl – a Great Choice for Your Garage Door

Vinyl – a Great Choice for Your Garage Door

A garage door can be difficult to select, as there are so many different materials, styles, and functions to choose from. Since your garage door should be both functional and appealing, we recommend careful consideration before buying. People used to be restricted in regard to garage doors in the past. Fortunately, choices are numerous today. If you are only familiar with wood or steel, it is time to learn more about vinyl. Vinyl is a great choice for your garage door, as it offers many benefits and is very adaptable. Most garage door repair companies can provide vinyl doors.

Maintenance? A Piece of Cake
Nobody wants to spend a half of their day cleaning, naturally. Cleaning is an integral part of our lives, but not many people enjoy it. The good news is that not much maintenance is needed if you have a vinyl garage door. As vinyl is largely resistant to rust, it will last longer, and you won’t have to clean it all the time. Even when cleaning becomes needed, it won’t take up much of your time. It is a material which is very easy to clean.

Repairs aren’t something you should worry about with vinyl doors. They are mostly dent-proof and will last for a very long time. If you have children who love playing with balls or riding bikes, don’t worry about dents and scratches, because vinyl garage doors can endure a substantial amount of force.

Severe weather conditions shouldn’t worry you either, especially high temperatures. If you live in a hot area, then there isn’t a better material for your garage door than vinyl, since it is sun-resistant. Your door will look like new for a long time, as the color won’t fade.

Modern vinyl garage doors are easy to customize. You can select a color, glass, and finishing touches that will make your door stylish and unique. Matching your garage door with the rest of your house has never been easier. If you can’t afford a wooden door, you can make your vinyl door resemble wood. This way you can save money and avoid certain issues that come with wood.
Nice things don’t have to cost a fortune anymore. Vinyl garage doors are one of the most affordable ones on the market. The quality remains at a high level, while the price is affordable. If you are looking for quality garage doors, but don’t want to give up the design, vinyl is the right material for you.

Wooden Garage Door Replacement

Wooden garage doors are one of the most popular types of garage doors out there. They have maintained a degree of popularity for a number of different reasons. Wooden garage doors are one of the most affordable types of garage doors as well as one of the first types. These two things mean that even as they become a less attractive option and the prices of other garage doors drop, they will still take a while to die out and will most likely always have a niche. The look of the wooden garage door is now the standard for how most garage doors are supposed to look so in some way garage doors will most likely always be similar to a wooden garage door.

Choosing a garage door can be a tough choice if you aren’t too knowledgable about the pros and cons of different types of garage doors. Choosing a garage door to replace another garage door though gives you a bit of an easier job. If you are in need of a garage door repair or a replacement because of more than wear and tear the choice might be as easy as just getting the same exact garage door you already had. If you are in need of a garage door repair or replacement for something like wear and tear though and you don’t think your garage door has held up for as long as you would have hoped then choosing a garage door may be slightly tougher.

You’ll need to weigh your options, take a look at the garage doors on the market and most likely consult a garage door professional to give you an idea of what might work best for your garage and how you use it.

One of the most attractive qualities about a wooden garage door is the price. Wooden garage doors have one of the lowest starting points out there. Wooden garage doors can be produced relatively easily and have been made pretty well for many decades now so wooden garage doors even at the lowest price will do the job. They may not be fancy, or last the longest, but they will do the job pretty well and so if that is all you need you don’t have to look much further.

With the lower cost advantage comes the disadvantage that it is most likely not going to last as long as another type of garage door. Wood when cared for can last a good while, but it still is not likely to last longer than some metal garage doors. Wooden garage doors are also often quite heavy and over time can see things like rot or splintering if not cared for. Wooden garage doors require a bit of care in many regions and so this may not be for the type of person who likes things to be zero maintenance. You will most likely have to paint your garage door over its lifetime to ensure that these type of things don’t happen.

Superficially the wooden garage door is a great choice. Garage doors all hope to look like a wooden garage door so starting as one means it is going to be a perfect fit. Wooden garage doors also have the benefit of having a natural insulation effect. Wood is much better than metal for both noise and temperature insulation so if a slight insulation will help you and you are looking to cut costs then a wooden garage door may be perfect for you.

How does a suspension system in car work?

The suspension system that is present in a vehicle is very much important. Not many of us who love cars have bothered to know about the role of a suspension system and its importance in a car. The worst case is people don’t even know that cars have a suspension system. The suspension that is present in a car is very much important. Only if you know about it, you will be able to take good care of your care. So here we are going to talk about the role of suspension in a car and how it works.

How does a suspension system in car work

Role of the suspension system:

So the first question is why do we need a suspension system in a car? The wheels in the car are attached to the engine that helps it to run. But if wheels are fixed to the corners of the car without being able to bounce up and down, you will find it very difficult to travel in tough road condition, and the car will easily topple as the wheels aren’t flexible enough to move freely and create a grip. This is why we need a suspension system.

As the name suggests the suspension system helps the wheels to suspend and move freely depending on the condition of the road. This is why we say that a suspension system is very much important to have a smooth driving experience.

How does it work?             

The suspension system in the car can work in two ways. It can either be built as an independent suspension system or a non-independent suspension system.

Non-independent suspension system:

In the non-independent suspension system, the suspension spring that is present above the wheels or the car are attached to each other. The spring system stays connected to a non-independent suspension system. A four-wheel axle is present in these types of vehicles, and the springs are attached to it to make a complete suspension system. The axle that is connected the wheels and the spring are expected to be as rigid as possible so that the wheels do not fall apart in the process of driving. It makes driving much more comfortable.

Independent suspension system:

In this type of suspension system, the four wheels aren’t connected to each other. The four wheels are independently connected to the suspension springs and function independently. Each wheel and it respective spring system is designed in such a way that they do not disturb the other functions of the car. Though they are fixed to be independent, they still are placed in such a way that they work in synchronization. This is independent suspension system.

Though both are employed in cars, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the place, the use and the type of the car the choice is made between the independent suspension system and non-independent suspension system.


Top 3 Common Suspension Problems inCars

Problems in vehicles are not something that you can avoid. All parts of the vehicle have an important role to play in the functioning of the vehicle, and thereby there is nothing called a negligible problem, at least as far as the problem is internal. One such problem that you can never avoid is the problem that you have in the suspension system of the vehicle. Unlike in two-wheelers where most parts are externally visible including the suspension system, in cars, you cannot see it, and thereby you have to look for some symptoms in order to find out the problems in the suspension system. So here we will see some of the common suspension problems and the ways in which you can find them out.

3 Common Suspension Problems in Cars

Common suspension problems in cars:

Damaged springs:

Damaged springs can be the first and the direct problem that you can face with regard to suspension systems. You can find this out with different symptoms. But in most cases, these springs break when they cannot hold the weight of the car. Springs are the ones that bear the while load that is present inside the car, and on the top of it, their role is to suspend and move up and down to keep the ride flexible. That is when you will find damaged springs.

Improper wheel alignment:

The wheel alignment is one of the others that is quite common with the suspension system of the cars. But the best part about this problem is that you will be able to figure it out just by seeing stuff externally. Good drivers or the ones who have years of experience in driving will be able to figure this issue out well in advance or at least when the problem appears. If the wheel alignment is improper, you will face issues in wheel balancing causing troubles in the movement of the vehicle.

Issues in shock absorbers:

The wheels of the car are in continuous touch with some surface and apart from that the electrical system in the car is interconnected with each other leaving room for friction and shock. This is why we have a shock absorber that reduces this friction. This problem has to be repaired, or it might risk the lives of the people in the car if left unnoticed. The worst part of shock absorbers getting damages is that they work unnecessarily more when they are damaged cause other serious issues.

These are the tops three issues that you might face with regard to car suspension problem. The problems stated above directly or indirectly reach the roots and disrupt the suspension system, and thereby you cannot take chances here. Also, if there are symptoms like rough driving, loud noise, uncomfortable and breathless running, wheel balancing issues, then there are chances that they are pointing to a problem in the suspension system.

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